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Inserisci il testo
Inserisci il testo
Lo stile nelle tue mani!

mln pz. venduti
mln pz. venduti
mln pz. venduti

Dove lo stile si unisce all'arte.

Se pensavi di aver visto tutto... Se credevi fosse impossibile innovare... Stupisciti ed entra a far parte della Rivoluzione.

A product line with unbleached and untreated paper.

Without colorants and additives: a conscious choice for consumers who consider their health and the environment. Even the color of the paper and packaging may vary slightly from one batch to another, as a natural source is never identical to itself infinitely.

The inks used on the packaging are entirely of biocompatible, plant-based origin.

Only natural and organic fibers for an authentic flavor.

At GIZEH, we have always been aware of our impact on the planet.

With the new Unbleached line, our commitment to environmental and health responsibility doubles.
In addition to our 'green thinking,' we believe in continuous research for product improvement and the resulting 'experience.'
That's why we have further enhanced our active filters, which are now also available in an UNBLEACHED version.
The natural and unbleached paper used for the wrapper and packaging makes this product entirely eco-friendly.

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