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Style in your hands

Lo stile nelle tue mani!

The flagship brand of Flamagas, a multinational company founded in Barcelona in 1959 on the initiative of the Puig family. From the onset, it has proved to be a company with enormous potential, capable of putting itself out there, of innovating while maintaining the superior quality standards that have always characterised it.

Clipper is a leader in producing originally shaped multi-coloured lighters, collected by a growing number of people. More than 40 new collections each year, all complying with the most stringent EU safety standards. They contain higher quality gas that is cleaner and safer than the lighters offered by the competition. Clipper lighters are appreciated by cut tobacco smokers for their characteristic flint body that allows them to press the tobacco, promoting a more even combustion. 
Building on the global success of its lighter lines, in 2016 Clipper launched a range of quality smoking accessories bearing a unique and distinctive style. 

Simply the most popular lighter among young people

Unique, eco-friendly, inimitable, with stunning graphics and always right on-trend.

Rolling paper, filter tips and accessories oozing unmistakable style

If you thought you had seen it all... if you thought it truly impossible to innovate... surprise yourself and join the revolution.

MM sold pcs.
MM sold pcs.
MM sold pcs.

Dove lo stile si unisce all'arte.

Se pensavi di aver visto tutto... Se credevi fosse impossibile innovare... Stupisciti ed entra a far parte della Rivoluzione.

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