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Inserisci il testo

Quality condoms made of pure natural latex

Lo stile nelle tue mani!

A transgressive brand of condoms with a creative soul: Muchacho, a unique range of condoms made by the biggest manufacturer in the industry, ensuring consistent quality and reliability. 

5 different products which are easy to distinguish and choose from. 
Muchacho products include: Classic for fans of tradition, Extra Large for well-endowed users, Long Acting for those who prefer to take it slow, Extra Pleasure for those who enjoy giving as well as receiving and Ultra Thin which almost feels as if it isn’t even there. 
Cylindrical, smooth, lubricated and with a reservoir, they vary in width, length and thickness depending on the model chosen by the customer. 
Customers in search of condoms want a reliable product and Muchacho is the perfect solution, with an extra touch of creativity and fun. The wide range of formats and flavours allow users to choose the right condom for every occasion. 


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mln pz. venduti
mln pz. venduti

Dove lo stile si unisce all'arte.

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