Social Responsability
The principles of ITAGENCY

Loyalty and trust

Constant attention to consumer needs lies at the heart of our company policy, inspired by principles of maximum transparency and excellence in quality. Loyalty to consumers and the trust they place in us day after day with their purchases are at the very core of the lasting relationship that brings us together. Our business behaviour is based on mutual trust among colleagues, on full openness and transparency towards the Group and all the stakeholders we encounter on a daily basis.

Respect and responsibility

We support the protection of human dignity and total and unconditional respect for human rights, wherever the companies in the Group may operate. We support the abolition of the exploitation of child labour and forced and coercive labour, within our sphere of influence and throughout the production chain, using legal instruments and close relations with local communities; on the basis of respect for equality, we value our human resources through their personal and professional development. In this way, we are also contributing to the development of local communities, strengthening the strong bond that binds us to the territories in which we operate. We strive to avoid any discrimination in employment discipline in all companies in the Group, from the moment of initial recruitment. The primary objective of our employment strategy is to establish lasting bonds that are inspired by the principles of career development and recognition of merit.


All the more reason to choose ITAGENCY: it builds schools, promoting schooling and preventing AIDS in Africa. We believe that every child in Africa has the right to proper education, medical care and appropriate nutrition. That is why ITAGENCY supports the Onlus Jacaranda Charity Association with the desire to meet the needs of less fortunate people who live in a state where life expectancy is just 45 years and where half the population dies of AIDS, malaria and deadly infectious diseases. Here, it is mainly children who are the most defenceless, often orphans with no chance of a peaceful future. Schooling is a very important stage in everyone's life, which is why we have endeavoured to support the Jacaranda charity association in the construction of schools in Zambia, as well as many other concrete activities that the association achieves every year. 

ITAGENCY and sports

One of the main values for ITAGENCY is its interest in social issues, so much so that the Group collaborates with various associations for humanitarian purposes. In the deep ethical sense, this also includes a love of sports, where people can grow; for this reason, ITAGENCY is a sponsor and one of the founding members of the Consorzio Universo Treviso, supporting the Trevisbasket team: this new commitment on the part of ITAGENCY supplement the many initiatives in support of the territory, often precisely through sport.

ITAGENCY with "I Bambini delle Fate", to support the future of the most fragile

I Bambini delle Fate is a social enterprise and association that deals with ensuring financial support to non-profit organizations engaged in social inclusion projects, for the benefit of people with autism and other disabilities. Since 2005 it has supported 97 projects and more than 3,000 families have benefited from their commitment.
We share with this splendid association, born from the initiative of Franco and Andrea Antonello, the trust in a better future thanks to everyone's contribution, and the awareness that only a regular fundraising system can guarantee the economic tranquility necessary to plan lasting activities .
We have therefore officially become supporters of the Children of the Fairies, by joining the "Doing Business in Social" initiative.
Thanks to the association, ITAGENCY has therefore "adopted" two local Treviso associations and will accompany their inclusion projects over time: "Happy's dreams" of the DREAMS ONLUS Association, and "Agire oltre si può, fare fare si deve" of the LIBERAMENTE Onlus Association. Together, to make a difference.


ITAGENCY supports "Emma's children ONLUS"  

Emma's Children ONLUS, the voluntary association that supports Don Angelo Regazzo's Bosco Children mission in Addis Ababa and helps, with its school and solidarity projects, the small rural village of Addis Alem, southwest of the capital.