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A "green" and "employee-friendly" business center

The new logistics hub of the Group, which also includes Itagency and Faba, among others, will be ready by the end of 2023. Photovoltaic panels and larger, more functional environments will accommodate a constantly growing workforce and will accommodate the new logistical and operational needs of the various companies .

New investment in the "Fabbrini house". The well-known family from Treviso, owner, among others, of Itagency, leader in the distribution of products for tobacconists and large-scale distribution, of Exclama, Maikii and Faba, announces the forthcoming creation of a cutting-edge logistics hub aimed at improving the quality of work, but above all to increase synergy between Group companies. The project will kick off with the renovation and modernization of the historic premises in Via Giacomo Bortolan in Vascon di Carbonera, near the Treviso Nord toll booth. The latter will be used as a warehouse, while the new offices, which will come into operation as early as the end of 2023, will be built in the vast area adjacent to the one where the current building is located, which will therefore undergo major expansion work.

Many factors have led to this choice: first of all the natural evolution of the market and the way of doing business and the consequent need to rethink the spaces making them more functional, but above all the arrival of new administrative, operational, logistic and storage needs, in turn due to the constant growth of the Group, both from the point of view of turnover (only Itagency  is preparing to greet 2022 with an estimated increase of around +60%) and of new entries into the workforce, which has now reached the threshold of the 200 people. The restructuring will therefore make it possible to optimize the flows of goods, both incoming and outgoing, and the timing of order fulfillment and, precisely with regard to orders, a project to automate the packaging process of the same is planned.

Marco Fabbrini, CEO of Itagency explains: "The new hires, if on the one hand they represent a priceless added value, on the other they have given us even more the measure of how obsolete our offices were by now and unable to contain all the members of our Big Family. In recent months we have often been forced to plan shift work and to provide for smartworking even for activities that should have been carried out in person. By the end of the year we will welcome other resources and this will lead to a further request for spaces that are not concretely traceable within the current building. Precisely because of the inadequacy of the spaces, in recent years we have been forced to outsource some storage and logistics services, which has led to an increase in the costs charged to us and the extension of order fulfillment times. With the birth of the new logistics hub, we will finally be able to deal with these and other critical issues, obtaining further benefits that will benefit the productivity and well-being of all the companies in the Group».

A new headquarters dedicated to sustainability, with a high energy class and entirely powered by photovoltaic panels. In fact, another one of equal power will be added to the pre-existing 100 kW plant. The total and definitive transition to this technology will therefore lead, in addition to a predictable consumption efficiency, also to a decisive boost towards complete energy independence and the zeroing of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The icing on the cake will be the particular rainwater collection system with a view to limiting water waste. The building will be built by limiting the use of plastic materials as much as possible and favoring sustainable materials with CAM certifications and "noble" materials such as glass and aluminum, natural insulating materials that are completely recyclable once the life cycle of the building has finished. The introduction of charging stations is planned to encourage the use of electric vehicles, as well as a parking area for scooters and another for bicycles will be created. The green approach will become the absolute protagonist, not only for the philosophy that animates the project, but also as a physical "presence". In fact, the idea is to equip the indoor and outdoor environments with a large number of plants in order to promote oxygenation, the reduction of CO2 and the optimization of air quality and the internal microclimate.

Fabbrini continues: «We look to the present, but above all to the future. In times of economic crisis and high bills, it is obvious that the game is played on the ground of sustainability. We have long since embraced the cause of photovoltaics and the new logistics center will only complete the path we are already following with success and satisfaction, aware that to be competitive we must become independent and focus on self-consumption