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The new ITAGENCY: Bridging Innovation and Sustainability

Building modernization, energy efficiency, and environmental planning are the three pillars on which the new headquarters of ITAGENCY are being constructed, currently underway next to the existing headquarters in the industrial area of Vascon di Carbonera (Treviso). It is a modern and sustainable building, constructed with certified materials in compliance with the highest safety standards and a keen eye on environmental conservation. The inauguration of the new headquarters, set to accommodate employees of the Fabbrini group starting from early 2024, symbolizes the growth the company has experienced in recent years, including the challenging period of the pandemic.

This growth has been made possible by the evolutionary path we have been on for several years, recognizing the profound changes taking place in the tobacco industry.

While not downplaying the significant role traditional tobacco continues to play in ITAGENCY's commercial offerings, our catalog has expanded to include a wide range of next-generation products. Our goal is to build over time an offering that covers all major product categories with high-quality brands, from vaping to oral use products like nicotine pouches. A project already taking shape with the recent launch of ZOE, a brand created by ITAGENCY with the aim of becoming a benchmark in the landscape of next-generation products over the years. In addition to developing proprietary brands, we place great value on partnerships with prestigious suppliers, including Vape Dinner Lady and JUUL Labs. We strongly believe in the future of the industry, but we are well aware that the majority of nicotine product users continue to smoke traditional tobacco, and therefore, we cannot overlook that world.

We take pride in distributing prestigious brands such as Pueblo, #NO NAME, and many others for years, while also investing significantly in the smoking accessories sector. Sustainability is a key theme in any product category, and we have decided to focus on sustainable products to meet the increasingly urgent market demand. In the realm of smoking accessories, we recently launched 100% biodegradable filters with Gizeh, a product that looks to the future, even in legal terms, as European legislation could soon ban the use of traditional acetate filters, and we do not want to be caught off guard.

Together with Clipper, we have initiated a communication campaign to encourage the reuse of lighters by refilling them once exhausted and replacing worn-out parts, such as the flint. This way, we can offer consumers a more ecological product, in line with the sustainable mindset of our brand.

After over 45 years of history, ITAGENCY continues to evolve, to change, to stay in step with market trends, with the mission of becoming the number one partner for all Italian tobacconists, a reliable partner for enhancing the quality of offerings in thousands of outlets throughout Italy. Thanks to those who have already chosen us, thanks to those who will choose us.