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The ITAGENCY Training Days are back: our expertise at the service of your tobacco shop.

After the great success of last year, the ITAGENCY Training Days are restarting, dedicated entirely (and free of charge) to tobacconists, providing an excellent opportunity to stay updated on industry news. Very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response received last year, we can't wait to start this year's "tour" that will take the ITAGENCY Training Days to various Italian cities.

We consider these days extremely valuable as they allow us to receive your essential feedback and bridge distances by getting to know you in person. "The fact that last year's edition was so well-received leads us to bet on the success of this year's Training Days," says Biagio Cucinotta, Sales Manager of ITAGENCY. "For tobacconists, these days not only represent an opportunity for targeted professional training but also for establishing new commercial relationships and strengthening existing ones." The ITAGENCY Training Days, organized in elegant locations, start at 9 am and include informative workshops that require prior registration.


The training sessions, covering various topics, are led by experts in our industry who are ready to address all your questions. Additionally, at ITAGENCY showrooms, you'll find stands showcasing our product categories (traditional tobacco and luxury cigars, new generation products, smoking accessories, consumer goods, and vending machines). You can stop by to test our products, discover the latest market trends, and receive valuable suggestions from experienced staff at your disposal. In 2023, these days took place in Palermo, Catania, Bologna, and Milan.

This year, the ITAGENCY Training Days will reach many more cities with the aim of reaching as many of you as possible. Below are the currently scheduled dates for 2024, and additional events will be communicated throughout the year.

Confirmed Stops for 2024 ITAGENCY Training Days:

  • March 17 - Pescara
  • April 7 - Bari
  • April 21 - Cagliari
  • October 6 - Milan
  • October 13 - Turin

We look forward to welcoming many of you!