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Davidoff Cigars: The Best Gift Ideas for Christmas 2023

One of the flagship brands of cigars distributed by ITAGENCY is undoubtedly Davidoff. Crafted with the highest quality tobaccos, these cigars are synonymous with refinement and elegance, making them the perfect gift idea for slow-smoking enthusiasts.

In this article, we present various gift ideas, divided into price ranges, that will allow the consumer to gift the most suitable Davidoff experience within their budget.

Gift ideas under 100 euros: For an extraordinarily high-quality gift that doesn't overly lighten your wallet:

  • Robusto Tubos Selection: 3 cigars (Yamasà, Escurio, Nicaragua) composed of strong-flavored tobaccos. Price: €70.00/pack. Alternatively, at the same price, Davidoff offers the White Tubos Selection, consisting of 3 cigars in different formats (Signature N.2 in Panetela format, Signature 2000 in Corona format, and Special "R" in Robusto format) made with mild to medium-strength tobaccos. Both selections are presented in an elegant gift box.

  • Winston Churchill The Discovery, a collection of 4 cigars (Petit Corona, Robusto, Toro, and Churchill) with a rich blend and complex, sophisticated character. The collection is sold in a fine box. Price: €90.00/pack.

Gift ideas between 100 and 200 euros: For a gift package with a few more products:

  • Robusto Selection, containing 5 exquisite Davidoff cigars in Robusto format (Anniversario Special R, Escurio Robusto, Nicaragua Robusto, Yamasà Robusto, and Winston Churchill Robusto), made with tobaccos from different origins, offering a harmonious and spicy flavor that often changes during the smoke. Price: €125.00/pack.

  • Figurado Selection, a gift edition composed of 6 Figurado cigars, with an elegant shape tapering at the draw end (Anniversario Short Perfecto, Anniversario Special T, Millennium Blend Piramide, Escurio Gran Perfecto, Nicaragua Diadema, and Yamasà Piramides). The flavor explosions from these cigars leave no room for a dull moment for the palate. Price: €168.00/pack.

Gift ideas over 200 euros: To gift a more complete experience:

  • Premium Selection, a gift edition composed of 9 cigars (Signature N.2, Signature 2000, Anniversario Entreacto, Millennium Piramides, Escurio Robusto, Nicaragua Toro, Yamasà Petit Churchill, WSC Churchill, WSC Late Hour Robusto), to accompany the consumer on a journey of discovering different intensities, flavors, and aromas. Price: €216.00/pack.

Would you like to offer these cigars but don't currently sell luxury cigars in your tobacco shop? The path to becoming an expert cigar retailer is extremely interesting. ITAGENCY is here to guide you on this wonderful journey, starting with simpler products and gradually transforming your store into a true reference point for enthusiasts.