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Mac Baren launches the new line of rolling tobaccos NO NAME

#NO NAME has been synonymous with quality in the RYO (Roll Your Own) world for years, recognized by thousands of Italian consumers as one of the best rolling tobaccos available. It represents one of the flagship brands in the shredded tobacco offerings of the Danish family-owned company, Mac Baren Tobacco Company.

In 2022, Mac Baren decided to undertake a series of research activities aimed at better understanding the needs of Italian rolling tobacco smokers, and after about six months, we are pleased to present the renewed #NO NAME range. It has been revolutionized both in the design of the pouches and in the tobacco blends offered.

Three focal products, suitable for all #NO NAME rolling tobacco consumers. #NO NAME WHITE, always the best-selling shredded tobacco in the range, remains central in Mac Baren's offering but is now accompanied by a total novelty. Also, an American Blend like White, but with more body and greater intensity, #NO NAME RED. The bright red color of the pouch immediately identifies it as a stronger product than White and helps it stand out on the shelf, where it will certainly not go unnoticed. The third product Mac Baren is focusing on is #NO NAME AUTHENTIC, renewed both in terms of packaging and blend composition. The new AUTHENTIC is more easily identifiable as an additive-free product thanks to the color of the pouch, more similar to other blends in the same category. The blend changes slightly to meet the needs of consumers seeking essential smoking, characterized by the classic spiciness of Virginia tobaccos treated exclusively with sun and water.

Three blends for smokers looking for something different from the usual shredded tobacco. For those seeking the utmost lightness, Mac Baren offers #NO NAME PINK, an extremely delicate American Blend, an even lighter version of White, already appreciated by smokers for its smooth smoke. If your customers ask for shredded tobacco with greater aromatic complexity and floral and tangy notes, you can confidently recommend #NO NAME VIRGINIA, presented in a green pouch, a typical color for 100% Virginia blends. In this case, the high moisture content mellows the tobacco's spiciness, imparting aromatic notes to the blend that make it unique in the market. Last but not least, a great classic in the #NO NAME line remains the renowned #NO NAME BLACK. Ideal for those seeking a particularly intense and full-bodied shredded tobacco, with a smoky note brought by the use of Dark Fired Kentucky tobaccos in the blend.

Everyone has their own shredded tobacco. Mac Baren's mission with the #NO NAME line is to meet the needs of all rolling tobacco consumers with high-quality products, created according to tradition by expert master blenders with decades of experience in pipe tobacco composition – an industry in which the Danish company is a global leader. Many consumers switch from cigarettes to rolling tobacco while continuing to smoke the same brand, often not considering alternatives offered by undoubtedly smaller companies but with a great passion for rolling tobacco production. The philosophy of #NO NAME has always been to put the image and brand in the background, communicating exclusively the high quality of the products and letting consumers be the judges. Hence, the brand's new slogan: #NO NAME, Just Quality.