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Clipper, Egoist, and Dupont: Light up Your Christmas!

Christmas is approaching, and with it, an increasing number of customers are on the hunt for the perfect gift. In this article, we present the Clipper, Egoist, and Dupont lighters distributed by ITAGENCY, the right accessories for those seeking a non-trivial gift that will surely be appreciated.

For creative-minded youth who appreciate practicality, Clipper is what you're looking for: colorful, original, eco-friendly lighters that are increasingly collected, catering primarily to a young clientele. If your customer intends to gift a high-end Clipper product, the Clipper Metal lighters are the right choice. With stabilized flame and made entirely of metal with delicate finishes, the Metal Flint or, even more so, the Metal Jet with a blue flame specifically designed for lighting cigars, are the most luxurious Clipper accessories.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for a more budget-friendly Christmas present without compromising quality, we recommend the colorful Christmas 2023 collections with festive graphics. Finally, we suggest the Clipper Metal Case: lighters with dedicated covers that serve as the ideal gift packaging.

For modern and fashion-forward consumers, we present Egoist: lighters with creative and, above all, refined style. The pursuit of novelty in the model's shape is one of the peculiarities of Egoist lighters, alongside an excellent quality-to-price ratio. Among the Egoist lighters, ITAGENCY recommends the new metal lighters: the Matelassè Bronze and the Transformer Green.

For those seeking luxury and excellence, the choice is Dupont. An international brand that has served royalty and nobility, Dupont offers inimitable luxury lighters. This Christmas, the range of lighters with the unmistakable "cling" at the opening is enriched with 3 new exclusive lines: the Picasso line, dedicated to the renowned 20th-century painter; the Dragon line, inspired by dragons from the world of Anime and crafted using the art of Chinese lacquer; and the Partagas line, created in collaboration with the Cuban cigar brand of the same name.

There's no better way to light up this Christmas than with lighters from three of the best brands in the industry: Clipper, Egoist, and Dupont!