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People and innovation: the cornerstones of our logistics

Since its foundation in 1975, ITAGENCY has placed people and innovation at the heart of its business, which represent what has made it a solid, dynamic, and constantly evolving reality. Over the years, with the expansion of the product catalog and the network of agents in the territory, there arose the need to increasingly optimize the logistics and warehouse management of the company, integrating automations, especially computerized ones, and integrated solutions that would speed up the preparation times of the goods to ensure that they are delivered to you tobacconists as quickly as possible. The continuous improvement of our logistics, always managed internally, is indeed an extremely important factor for us, together with the constant refinement of our services dedicated to you.

"Last year, in view of the transfer to the current headquarters and the expansion of our warehouse, we conducted a study to optimize the layout of the warehouse and the procedures within it, in collaboration with a logistics consulting company and the University of Padua," says Massimo Brollo, IT and Logistics Manager at ITAGENCY. "The objective was twofold: on one hand, to minimize the time and number of movements of the operators within their new workplace, and on the other hand, to adopt even more advanced automated solutions to streamline all logistics processes."

The use of highly technological software plays a crucial role in ITAGENCY, supporting us in every logistical phase and allowing us to optimize it: from the reception of your order in the warehouse to the collection of the items on the shelves in the order, from the packaging of the goods to their processing and shipment routing. These steps occur through the constant updating of our computer systems with those of the couriers who collect the products from our headquarters. Even the correct storage of the products themselves, controlled in ITAGENCY for years by specific dedicated technologies, is based on precise rules and variables that allow us to make the best use of the spaces and properly preserve the products that will be delivered to you. We are proud to inform you that the expansion of the warehouse also included the construction of a new fiscal tobacco depot, much larger than the previous one, and a new fiscal depot for inhalation liquids, in order to allow us to meet all your product requests, whose quantity continues to increase day by day. Both depots are equipped with high security measures, are built as always in full compliance with current regulations, and guarantee the storage of items at controlled temperature and humidity, to keep your tobacco fresh and electronic devices and liquids as freshly packaged.

Even in ITAGENCY's logistics, therefore, technological innovation is a protagonist, but it would not make sense within the company without the commitment of all our operators who, working with passion and dedication, have developed a deep knowledge of the products and therefore know how to store, handle, and prepare them for shipment.

Reflecting on the evolution of our company in logistical terms, we have realized how, step by step, ITAGENCY has undergone a real journey: starting from a few simple activities carried out directly by our staff, we have come to a strong automation of various complex processes, minimizing the time between order receipt and delivery of the goods to you.