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A big step forward for nature. For you. For everyone.

We at GIZEH are considered a true beacon of innovation in the world of RYO accessories, which is why we also want to be one with regard to environmental issues: our ecological sensitivity is at the origin of the creation of this filter which represents a new step in the development of products that reduce the environmental impact.

From today the innovative 100% paper filters are available, as an alternative to the classic acetate filters.
Paper filters, without the use of plastic and easily disposed of in the trash, compliant with the NF EN14995 standard.
The pollution of butts thrown into nature is a real concern for consumers and regulatory authorities, which is why our high quality eco-friendly filters are a concrete answer for those who care about nature and the planet.

These new paper filters are made of FSC™ fibers and other materials of controlled origin, which allow you to filter perfectly without using plastic particles.