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100% Natural Products? The answer is GIZEH Unbleached.

Sometimes authenticity is synonymous with high quality. This is the case with Unbleached, the new GIZEH product line that exclusively uses natural and organic fibers for an authentic flavor with unmatched GIZEH quality.
The line consists of 3 products: King Size Slim Unbleached, with 34 unbleached papers, King Size Slim Unbleached + Tips, containing 34 unbleached papers and 34 pre-cut unbleached tips, and Active Filters Unbleached, with 34 unbleached filters with activated charcoal.
Through Unbleached, GIZEH aims to bring to the market a high-quality line that is also completely eco-friendly, a characteristic noticeable both in the products and by simply looking at the packaging.

The German company presents its new products in packaging made of unbleached porous cardboard, with inscriptions made with vegetable and biocompatible inks, sending a clear message to consumers who care about environmental protection.

The packaging, as well as the papers, are also FSC certified, meaning that the forests from which the materials are sourced are responsibly managed.
In summary, the packaging reflects a strong authenticity, which is clearly reflected in the products as well, which we will now describe.

King Size Slim Unbleached Papers

In their magnetic closure packaging, these papers are made from unbleached and untreated paper, ultra-thin and transparent, resulting in a very light and porous feel. Being 100% vegan, they contain only ingredients of plant origin and biocompatible.

In their King Size Slim Unbleached + Tips version, they are sold in combination with pre-cut unbleached paper filters, allowing you to decide the length and width of the filter itself.

Active Filters Unbleached

The Active Filters Unbleached, 6mm filters also made from natural and unbleached paper, stand out from common filters for the presence of activated charcoal derived from coconut shell inside them. Thanks to their porosity and the greater adhesion surface of the activated charcoal, they filter harmful substances and heavy metals much more than traditional Active Filters, ensuring the enhancement of flavor and greater smoke purity, without altering its taste. Usable with long papers, active charcoal filters allow you to retain harmful tobacco substances while letting other molecules pass through.
With ceramic finishes to lower the temperature of the inhaled smoke and ensure a perfect airflow with an authentic and balanced flavor, the Active Filters can be used up to 3 times and inserted in both directions. They are also proudly plastic-free and, above all, completely eco-friendly.
Through the Unbleached line, GIZEH positions itself as a brand projected towards the future, having already taken a clear step forward in sustainability, a theme that is increasingly dear to consumers and that soon no producer will be able to afford to neglect.